Test & Ride Camp by "the somewhat different Lake Garda" - Test bike included

Since we established the Liteville Test Center in Torbole, we successively got to know the lake better and better. This is why we can assure you that the lake can offer more than the well-known classics such as the Tremalzo or 601. It is more! So why would you not want to come for a four-day stay, test the latest Liteville modals, work on your setup, improve your riding technique and thereby get to now some of the most magnificent single trail tours, that not everyone knows of?

The accommodation will be in a variety of hotels in the direct neighborhood of the Liteville Test Center. Apart from enjoying a seriously good coffee there, it allows for test rides of the latest 101, 301 and 601 models. With the help of a shuttle, a boat or a cableway, we will go find the most astonishing trails of the region and end the tour with a traditional drink directly by the lake… or in it!



No one has to - everyone may. Bring your own bike or choose one from our test bike pool, there will be no extra charges for you!
The tours include challenging single trails with an intermediate degree of difficulty (S1 - S2, at times more tricky, yet nothing one could not handle. These parts are meant only to spice up the tours slightly).

Day 1:
The first day is all about the bike and the personal riding technique. Together, we optimize your setup of your test bike or of your own bike respectively, make you familiar with some bike technique basics and will get a pickup to the first single trail tour. An outstanding S1 - S2 trail that will make us want more in the days to come.

Day 2 – Day 4:

We have a whole variety of tours to choose from that we will discuss together with the participants. This is, how the program could look like approximately: 

Pasubio - World War and back
A shuttle brings us to the presumably most well-known battle field of World War One that is located close to Rovereto. An impressive military path leads us right into the rocks and eventually to Renato, who is preparing lunch for us in the "Rifugio Papa". Fueled nicely, we enjoy breathtaking views and historic trails before descending back to the lake on uncounted, varied trails. A long day with lasting impressions one will never forget.

Corno della Paura - A flow trail indeed
We board a Lake Garda boat and are brought to Malcesine, where we climb the Monte Baldo with the help of a cableway. On a series of different trails, we get to Corno della Paura. If the weather allows for it, a lunch break at the scenic view looking down the Etsch valley is a must-have. From here, we will find a trail that will lead us down into the valley descending some 1.500 meters of altitude!

Bocca di Fobia - Military paths in the west
A shuttle gives us a ride to the plateau of Vesio and as the region is known for its cheese and other local specialities, we get our lunch directly from its producers. We climb on paths that can be ridden easily all the way to a tunnel, that collapsed a couple of years ago. We have to carry our bikes for a couple of minutes here. After some up and down fun we will find a switchback trail back down to the lake with a variety of options to choose from. Be prepared to be surprised!


The Lake Garda Test & Ride Camp offered by the Liteville Riding School is meant for advanced mountain bike riders. You should be comfortable with S1 and S2 rated trails; S3 sections should be tempting for you rather than threatening (read more at: http://www.singletrail-skala.de).

As to the physical capability, you should be prepared for tours with a length of 4 to 6 hours and 1000 to 1250 meters of climbing (on top of the meters of altitude we will get a pickup for).


  • 3 nights including breakfast in the Liteville Test Center Torbole
  • 4 - 6 shuttle pickups and transfers by boat or cableway
  • 4 days of guidance by certificated and well-trained guides of our partners TrailXperience or bikeride
  • riding technique workshops during the tours
  • setup of your bike
  • test bikes for every single day included: 101, 301 or 601