Damper Characteristics 
Comparison 301 Mk13 vs. Mk14

A glimpse behind the scenes at the Syntace test laboratory allows for new insights as to the characteristic curve of the MK14 rear frame in combination with the RockShox RT3 damper. The graph clearly shows that everyone by now will find the damper setting that suits perfectly thanks to the altered kinematics and the optional tokens for the damper itself.

• New and exclusive in the industry: the rear frame kinematics are adapted individually to the frame size allowing for proportionally accurate air pressure and individual characteristic curves.

XS, S: damper travel 55 mm, ratio 2,9 : 1
M, L, XL, XXL: damper travel 65 mm, ratio 2,5 : 1

• longer damper measurement with Trunnion Mount bearing design

• bigger air chamber for optional tokens (the air chamber volume can be reduced)

• sloping RockerArm interface


A)  highest impact absorption without damper breakdown for most aggressive riding styles

B)  100 % usable travel for comfort oriented riders

• fine responsiveness for very small obstacles due to reduced friction
• smooth end progression

C)  No uncontrolled slipping through the damper travel even riding with a soft damper setup

• class-leading neutrality preventing the rear wheel to block
• further improved traction and thus power efficiency


As a standard, every rider, no matter the weight and speed, finds one damper fitting them all.