Liteville TestRides

Test a Liteville in its original home, the Allgäu region.

During the Liteville TestRides, you may gain your own experiences with Liteville and test our bikes to their ultimate limits.
Together with our rider school partner TrailXperience, we offer the unique possibility to experience the story behind our products and developments. We provide you with the latest Factory Machines of our models in any size possible and with any set-up, meeting your individual expectations.


Testing, testing and more testing ...

Testing the bikes’ limits including plenty background knowledge. In case this is not enough, you may keep riding the test bike during a riding technique course offered by TrailXperience the following weekend.

... And a great deal of background knowledge.
... And if it has not yet passed, you can continue from the TrailXperience deal on subsequent weekends your test bike at one of the driving technique courses.

Liteville TestRide
Start 10 am; approx. 7 hours including lunch break
Meeting point LITEVILLE HQ in Wiggensbach, Allgäu


Technical skills:
  • Level 2 „advanced beginners“: You ride a mountain bike frequently and are confident riding on easy single trails.
  • Surface: tarmac, gravel, forest paths, smooth single trails with easy obstacles such as stones and small steps
  • Corners: wide switchbacks


Level 2 “beginners/ sports riders”
  • Distance: 15 to 25 km
  • Meters of altitude/ climbing: 300 – 700 
  • Terrain: hilly with longer climbs
  • Pace: slow – intermediate


  • Welcome meeting in the Liteville WorksStation
  • General information on the latest models
  • Setup of the test bikes including individual adaption to the riders expectations
  • Test ride with experienced guides all around the “Blender”, the backyard mountain of Liteville as well as on the TrailXperience own training center in Eschach (Allgäu).
  • Lunch in the Liteville WorksStation (included)

Dates / Prices / Booking

TestRide at Liteville EUR 54,-
Minimum number of participants is 4.

LV TR 01: 13.05.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 02: 03.06.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 03: 10.06.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 04: 01.07.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 05: 09.09.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 06: 16.09.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 07: 30.09.2016     book here at TrailXperience
LV TR 08: 14.10.2016     book here at TrailXperience

The camp is organized in cooperation with our partner TrailXperience, which is why it is to be booked directly via TrailXperience. You will be guided to their homepage by clicking on the booking button above. You will be provided with further information there. If anything remains unclear, you may call us, too.