The Liteville 601 MK3

Apart from offering the MK 3 as a Factory Machine, it goes without saying that it is available as a frameset, too. This is the right choice for all riders that want to build their bike according to their individual requirements and wishes.


Frame: Liteville 601 MK 3 Frame Set mit 190 mm Federweg
Surface: RaceBlack anodized or WorksFinish
Headset: Syntace VarioSpin 0°
Damper: RockShox Vivid Air
Chainguard: Syntace SCS II (optional)
Seat post clamp: Syntace Superlock (optional)
Rear derailleur protection: Syntace RockGuard SL (optional)
Frame lengths: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Gewicht: 2.950 g / frame length M without damper

Euro 2658,–
Price, including taxes
The 601 Mk3 is available via our Liteville distributors.




The 601 comes with 190 mm travel; the damper measurement is 241 mm.


TCL (Tuned Chain Stay Length). The chain stays are adapted to the frame size, which one profits from in almost every riding situation.

Adjustable Geometry

With an easy-to-tune geometry adaption, the overall frame geometry including the seat tube angle can be adapted to the rider’s requirements.


Thanks to different bearing housings, the head tube angle can be adapted by +/- 1.5 degree. The frame comes with 0 degree bearing housings as standard.


The correct frame size influences the performance of the entire bike. Yet it is not only the frame size that is to fit the rider, but also the wheel size. That is why our frames, depending on the frame size and the body height of the rider can be built with different wheel sizes (26”, 27.5” and 29”) and are thus perfectly adapted to the rider’s individual expectations.
Depending on the frame size, these are our wheel size recommendations:
Frame size S:
Rear 26” / Front 26”
Frame size M:
Rear 26” / Front 27.5”
Frame size L:
Rear 26” / Front 27.5”
Frame size XL:
Rear 26” / Front 27.5”
Frame size XXL:
Rear 27.5” / Front 27.5” or 29”


Because of the different setup possibilities, there is a large number of different geometry combinations and it is not possible to display these in a traditional geometry table. This is why we have developed a geometry generator which will give you the exact geometry of your preferred setup.
Find the configurator here

Liteville Custom Color

You want your 601 to be painted individually, yet you are not sure about the exact color scheme? This is where the Liteville color configurator comes into play: based upon a Liteville 301 frameset, you may now choose between 100 RAL colors and evaluate, how your choice harmonizes with painted rims or forks. The color configurator is an Adobe Flash Application and is thus not available for Apple iPads and iPhones.

Find the colour configurator here


Liteville TestRide Allgäu

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Liteville TestRide Allgäu

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