Sylvia Leimgruber

Grown up in the beautiful Pustertal, surrounded by a most impressive mountain range, the Dolomite Alps have been an unsurpassed paradise for her right from the beginning. The area is known for its extraordinary mountain peaks and its via ferratas. With her Math studies ahead, she moved to Innsbruck; an equally nice place to live. She eventually learned to embrace the world with facts and numbers, yet it appears to be impossible to have the entire life within a computer. The mountain bike is her everyday refuge. Starting with gravel roads, soon she began to ride real mountain paths and single trails and as the hiking boots successively remained at home, biking became her ultimate passion. Her playground includes everything from her home trails to Africa, never would she travel without her beloved bike. She enjoys the wind in her hair sitting on a mountain peak. The challenges to face on a tricky descend are her best friend, indeed. Overcoming her inner self at times is tricky, yet when it comes to eating, she is consequent: local and bio. Her mantra? Ride vert, play fair!

Name: Leimgruber
Prename: Sylvia
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Discipline: Vertriding and Bike Hiking
Favorite spots: Tirol, Dolomite Alps

Sylvia’s 301 Mk12

Model: 301 MK12, size XS
Travel rear: 140 mm
Fork: RockShox Pike RCT Solo Air 650B, 160 mm
Wheels: Syntace W40, 24” rear, 26” front
Stem: Syntace Megaforce2, 30 mm, 6 degree
Handlebar: Syntace Vector Carbon, High5, 760 mm, 8 degree

Sylvia’s 601 Mk2

Model: 601 Mk2, size XS
Travel rear: 190 mm
Fork: RockShox Lyrik RC2, DH Solo Air 26”, 170 mm
Wheels: Syntace Megaforce2, 30 mm, 6 degree
Stem: Syntace Megaforce2, 30 mm, 6 degree
Handlebar: Syntace Vector Carbon High5, 760 mm, 8 degree