Sanne Moritz

Sanne loves to ride and hike in the mountains, she even likes to carry her bike. Whenever she is able to, she shares this passion with friends in the Southern Alps in France. Apart from guiding mountain bike rides and giving technical courses, she is also responsible for the kids and youth mountain bike group in Freiburg and can thus share not only her passion, but also her expertise with the youngest riders.
Whenever Sanne is not on the bike, she is out skiing or in the office. As a former student of forestry and geo ecology, she fights for a sustainable and environment friendly life style. She was born in 1987 in Tettnang close to the lake Konstanz, yet soon thereafter, she moved to Freiburg for her studies and eventually stayed there.

Name: Moritz
Prename: Sanne
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Discipline: (Freeride, Marathon, Downhill,… ) Enduro and Bike Hiking
Favorite spots: Sospel, Nevache, Pyrenees, Vosges

Sanne’s 301 Mk12

Model: 301 Mk12
Travel rear: RockShox Monarch, 160 mm
Fork: RockShox Pike, 160 mm
Wheels: Syntace MX35, 26” rear, 27.5” front
Stem: 30 mm