Benedigt Purner

Benedikt Purner, 33 years, approved mountain and ski guide, Innsbruck Local. 
Originally I am a Marathon rider, before I got stuck with technical riding when I first wanted to work on my skills. My technical improvements I mostly made on the Nordkette Single Trail at the time when it was built. It is this very terrain I am into most. Apart from this, I was around a lot with the Innsbruck Vertider group, pioneers of Vertriding and pushing the boundaries in Alpine mountain biking for years already. All around Innsbruck, I have achieved a lot of first-ever ascents. The highlight for sure was the ascent of the Hochfeilers at 3507 meters above sea level, the highest mountain of the Zillertal Alps. Early on already, racing was in my veins, though. One motivation certainly was the rumor that Innsbruck riders can not go fast. For many seasons, I rode a 901 which made me win three national championship medals in the masters category. I was able, eventually, to also establish myself in the Enduro scene, as it includes all different varieties of biking. 
I participated in a lot of races, leading to a Silver medal in the European Championship as well as an overall win of the European Enduro Series.

Name: Purner
Prename: Benedikt