Axel Kreuter

Axel is Vertrider. Ascending and thus beating the most extreme mountain peaks with his bike as well as bike adventures in the entire world are his passion. He is particularly keen on riding his bike in Africa. Mountain paths and rocky walls are his bike lanes. As a vertrider, he does not compete against others but bikes where others go hiking. If he is not on the bike, you will most likely find him flying above the mountains with a hang-glider, yet seldom you will find him in the lowlands.
Axel was born in 1976 in Hamburg, yet he was southbound soon and moved to Innsbruck (Aut), where he found his main place of residence as well as his personal safe haven, particularly the Karwendel Mountains. Finding a passable path is what fuels him, on the trail as well as in real life. He certainly does not write enough as an author, yet on stage, he very well knows how to reach the audience with his fanatic ideas. Axel likes to work, yet not as a main part of his life. He did go to University, yet there have always been different challenges in life for him. He would not be happy being considered hedonistic, yet his sun-tanned skin and faded hair clearly indicate where he loves spending his time most.

Name: Kreuter
Prename: Axel
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Discipline: Vertride, Freeride, Enduro… mountain biking, simply.
Favorite spots: Dolomites, Tirol, Vinschgau, Madeira

Axel’s 301 Mk11

Model: 301 MK11, size S
Travel rear: 140 mm
Fork: RockShox Pike 160 m
Wheels: 29” front, 26” rear
Stem: Syntace 30 mm
Handlebar: Vector High5, 760 mm

Axel’s 601 Mk3

Model: 601 MK3, size S
Travel rear: 190 mm
Fork: RockShox Totem
Wheels: 27.5” front, 26” rear
Stem: Syntace, 30 mm
Handlebar: Vector High5, 760 mm