Developing the new Liteville 301 Mk14, we have taken the biggest evolutionary step ever in the long history of the 301. The future oriented Scaled Rearend is yet another milestone of the consequent Scaled Sizing concept that allows for six different frame lengths with ideal rear frame geometries despite big diameter wheels.
The proven four-bar linkage kinematics of the 301 Mk14 was optimized and adapted to metric dampers. Thanks to the revised linkage bars, the pressure of the damper could be lowered which leads to a further improved responsiveness.
With these innovations as well as the all-new EIGHTPINS variable seatpost, the Liteville R&D department has been able to push the 301 Mk14 into a league of its own.


This is how the German magazine bike 9/2017 assessed the MK14 with “Super”:

The latest evolutionary step of the 301 convinces off-road with exceptional detail solutions and a variety of updates comparing to its predecessors. It’s this mixture of its high reliability, its lightweight design and the magnificent acceleration that makes it an all-purpose sports enduro bike setting a very standard.

MOUNTAINBIKE 07/2017 concludes with the test result "superb":

"It is the ultimate all-purpose bike! The chassis and geometry of the 301 Mk14 are top-of-the-line quality, while the innovative frame has been known for its ingenuity before. On top of this, the 301 can be adapted perfectly to the rider's size."
Das vielseitig anpassbare Liteville 301 MK 14 hat uns im Laufe der letzten Monate ausgesprochen positiv überrascht. Es klettert super bergauf, besitzt ein feinfühliges Fahrwerk und einen gelungenen Mix aus Laufruhe und Agilität bergab.
Zum kompletten Test

(1) SuperYoke – allows for an even more compact rear frame that still is compatible with tires as wide as 27,5” x 2.6”

(2) EIGHTPINS compatible – interface for fully integrated variable seatpost

(3) Evo6 frame standard for the optimal wheel size geometry and an improved chain line

(4) The Rockerarm is adapted proportionally to the frame size resulting in a perfect availability of the full 140 or 160 mm travel – with proven Liteville four-link kinematics

(5) NCP+ cable routing – entire routing is hidden inside the frame

(6) Weight reduction inside the tube set thanks to variable wall thicknesses

(7) Syntace VarioSpin headset for the adaption of the steering angle. 0 degree as standard; +/- 1.5 degree as an option

(8) Oversize seat tube for 34.9 mm seatposts

(9) Syntace X-12 through axle. Stiff, lightweight and with the option to adapt the wheel alignment

(10) SCS chain guide – the most silent, stable and easy to mount chain guide on the market
(11) TCL (Tuned Chain Stay Length) – the length of the chain stay is adapted to the overall frame length 

(12) Depending on the individual requirements, the bearings of the frame are adapted respectively with a maximum of grease load and equipped with the Horst-Link design (the bearings can be greased from the outside) leading to optimized responsiveness. 

(13) Exchangeable rear derailleur hanger X-12 Typ3 for Standard and Directmount rear derailleurs. A spare screw is integrated in the frame.

(14) Serviceport – simplifies the work on cables inside the frame

(15) Low DirectMount front derailleur socket - the frame is compatible with one- and two-speed cranksets

(16) RockGuard – our in-house design rear derailleur protection against rock contact as an option

(17) Postmount 7” brake socket (fits 180 mm DirectMount) 

(18) RockShox Deluxe RT3 damper with 55 mm damper travel for frame lengths SX and S and 65 mm for frame lengths M - XXL.

High value and weight reduced Titanium screws as standard


In order to generate ultimate agility despite 27.5˝ and 29˝ wheels, we needed space where there was none before: in the area of the swing arm bearing and the seat tube. Extending the chain stays was taboo for us, so we moved the seat tube towards the front by 26 mm and together with further unconventional approaches thereby gained space right at the swing arm bearing. The 301 Mk14, depending on the frame length, is thus compatible with 27.5˝ or 29˝ wheels while designing it with shorter chain stays compared to the 301 Mk13. The result is a level of agility unheard of for big diameter wheels.
(1) Setback
In order to have riders sit in the position they are used to, the saddle had to be moved backwards exactly as much as the seat tube had been moved towards the front. The variable seatpost comes with a 26 mm setback. This way, the saddle is positioned perfectly related to the bottom bracket. Thanks to the unaltered seat tube angle, this is true no matter how much the seatpost is compressed.
(2) Seatpost
More setback = more lever. The result is that higher forces are transferred into the seatpost. For normal seatposts with a common tube wall strength, this does not work in the long run. In cooperation with Eightpins, we were able to design a seatpost with a bigger diameter tube that copes with the forces successfully and offers as much as 220 mm of travel. The big diameter seatpost complements perfectly with the oversize tubes of the Liteville as well as the plain optics and the internal cable routing.
(3) SuperYoke & Wide Pivot
(Int. pat. pend)*
We have put a lot of effort into the details of the swing arm and the main frame in order to create space for big diameter rear wheels. The results is a solution without an extra crossbar and a perfect cable routing.

In addition to the new SuperYoke we have moved the V-shape swing arm bearing outwards.

* SuperYoke and Wide Pivot is currently also incorporated in the design of the top models of Specialized.
The result
  • super agile and yet stable riding performance
  • more rolling comfort for the rear wheel
  • slightly improved tackling of obstacles with the rear wheel
  • great control in tricky situations thanks to wide front tires
  • faster and easier weight shifting towards the rear wheel
  • even with 2.6˝ tires, there is plenty space left for dirt and mud


EIGHTPINS variable seatpost ­interface
  • lightweight construction and fully integrated design
  • up to 220 mm seatpost travel
  • very straight-forward, mechanical construction with hardly service works necessary
  • 33 mm diameter for extra stiff performance and no “bottle neck” appearance
  • works without an additional seatpost clamp
  • spacious service hole underneath the down tube protection
  • simplifies cable routing
  • allows for mounting Di2 batteries inside the frame
Internal cable routing
  • fully integrated cables and hoses inside the chain stays and the main frame
  • optimized NCP cable routing through the swing arm pivot point at the SuperYoke
  • cable/ hose exit above the Horst-Link bearing for a most direct routing
New RockShox Deluxe RT3 damper
  • damper with Trunnion Mount for shorter damper measurements yet with a maximum of travel possible
  • metric damper interface (8 x 25 mm)
  • the damper measurements are adapted to the frame lengths (for size XS and S: 185 x 55 mm; for size M to XXL: 205 x 65 mm)
Linkage arm adapted to frame length
  • new linkage arm (140/ 160 mm)
  • revised kinematics for reduced trans­mission ratio for frame lengths M to XXL
  • specifically adapted linkage arm geometry for frame length XS and S leading to the same travel despite reduced damper measurements and damper travel (allows for lower damper pressure).
X-12 spare screw
  • integrated in the left-hand chain stay yoke for X-12 rear derailleur hangers
  • in case of an accident, the spare screw allows for a fast repair, even being out on tour


The radically redesigned geometry of the 301 Mk14 with a 10 to 15 mm prolonged reach and the adapted TCL chain stay lengths lead to a well balanced and stable yet highly agile overall performance of the bike. The top tube length has been increased by 10 to 25 mm with an offset seatpost. Thanks to the VarioSpin, the steering angle and thus the entire riding performance can be tuned individually.


MADELAINE SILCHER - certified riding technique trainer - loves technically challenging tours.

„I appreciate the super sensible performance of the rear suspension and the smooth character of the final part of the travel. It is most important to me to not fly through the travel range even with an overall soft setup. I ride the damper of my 301 without additional token.“
TOM ÖHLER - trial world champion 2008 - likes all different types of facets of the sport. Whether an urban playground or Alpine technically challenging trails, flow trails or rough downhill courses.

„Most of all, I like the high shock absorption without knocking through at all despite its magnificent neutrality against brake stamps. I ride the damper in my 301 with three additional tokens.“


There are tall riders and small riders, some with longer and some with shorter legs. There is not the one size that fits all human kind. We still have the expectation to generate the same, best possible riding experience for everybody on our bikes.

(1) Frame length instead of frame size
Strictly spoken, the frame sizes of Liteville bikes are frame lengths. This is to say that the distance between the bottom bracket and the top tube is almost identical for all frame sizes, yet the length of the frame is not. As a results riders with a long upper body yet short legs can ride a bigger or longer frame.

(2) Consequently developed: Scaled Rearend
Does it make sense to have an XXL rider have the same rear frame length as an XS rider? Being consequent, every component of the frame should fit the overall frame proportionally, depen­ding on the frame length. As the only manufacturer in the industry, we use six different rear frame sizes and thus offer a perfectly fitting system overall. Even the travel transmission ratio for frame lengths M to XXL are adapted to usually heavier riders.

(3) Wheels fitting frames
As one out of very few manu­facturers, we take advantage of the full wheel size range available. For
an XS frame, we use 26˝ wheels, the intermediate frames come with 27.5˝ and XXL frames with 29˝ wheels.

(4) The made-to-measure cockpit
Syntace handlebars are available with different rises and different bents (8° and 12°) The width of most handlebars can be adapted, too. Syntace stems are available in different lengths and most of them can be used up-side-down (with positive or negative angle). In com­bination with the special design Syntace spacers, the cockpit adaption becomes one single technical, ergonomic and visual unit. The Syntace grip is available in 30 and 33 mm.

(5) EIGHTPINS seatpost with different sizes
The variable seatpost by EIGHTPINS is available in four different sizes to fit different body sizes and riding styles. The seatpost travel range stretches from 150 to 216 mm. The travel and the height adjustment can be adapted individually.

(6) 611 ERGOWAVE® Liteville Carbon
The perfect fit for the sportsman is key for maximum performance. The Liteville Edition saddles by our partner SQ-Lab are available in four different widths.

(7) Up to three different crank arm lengths
The Liteville Factory Machines come with crank arms lengths adapted to the frame length (SHIMANO 170, 175 and 175 mm; SRAM 175 and 180 mm).

(8) Pedal sizes
The Syntace NumberNine is the first ever pedal that is available not only in one single size but three proportionally different ones. Apart from the shoe size, the perfect size depends on the width of the sole of the rider’s shoe and the intended riding style.

Scaled Sizing by Liteville/Syntace.
Everything, including frame length, Scaled Rearend and different pedal sizes is to fit: every rider deserves a bike that fits perfectly, no matter their measurements.


Tom Öhler and Harald Philipp traveled to a country with mountains as high as 8000 meters above sea level to ride their bikes, in places, no one rode a bike before. Far away from any medical support and without bike workshops, everything had to be just right: mind, body and their bikes.
Harald Philipp:
„Hiking with a bike in the Himalaya mountains is different. You ­cannot simply climb on a mountain peak and descend thereafter as we do it in the Alps. The dimensions are beyond imagina­tion. Every­thing has to be planned ultra accurately; it’s mountain biking like being on an expedition“
Tom Öhler:
„The trails in the Himalaya are different. As trails just start to become smooth and fast, you face a cut and find yourself back in super rocky terrain.“