Full travel for everybody

The 301 offers a range of application like no other bike, no matter whether you prefer All Mountain tours or extreme Enduro riding. You may now adapt the rear frame of your 301 even better for you and your intended usage by simply altering the air chamber size. With the RockShock damper, this works via so-called tokens, that are mounted inside the damper and thus influence the performance of it. The mounting of the token is so simple that you may do this yourself leading to you having a perfect, individual setup.


A)  Highest shock absorption with no pre­matu­rely bottom-out, for aggressive riders.

B)  100 % use of suspension travel for comfort demanding riders.

• Reduced friction for sensitive [more ­effective] small bump absorption.
• Soft „kick in“ of end stop.

C)  Stable mid travel platform [riding hight] even with very soft suspension set-ups.
• Best in class neutrality against brake hopping.
• Improved rear wheel traction and less power loss.

Comparison of the 301 Mk13 and the new Mk14

A glimpse behind the scenes at the Syntace test laboratory allows for new insights as to the characteristic curve of the Mk14 rear frame in combination with the RockShox RT3 damper. The graph clearly shows that everyone by now will find the damper setting that suits perfectly thanks to the altered kinematics of the rear frame and the optional tokens for the damper itself.


As a standard, every rider, no matter the weight and speed, finds one damper fitting them all.