The all-new Liteville 301 Mk15 (model 2019/ 2020) is the consequent and uncompromising next evolution step of the several times test winner. With its all-new Linear Steering Geometry we were able to generate a flatter steering angle for bigger front wheels and simultaneously combine it with an previously unknown degree of control and riding precision.
DuoLink and LevelTune make possible the usage of 27.5" and 29" wheels in the very same frame without accepting compromises.

Staying in the lead at all times

With the best possible feedback the bike has received in the year past, the question remains how one can possibly improve it, still. The 301 Mk15 proves it is possible as it represents the biggest evolutionary step since the 301 Mk8. The leading bike magazines "bike" and "MOUNTAINBIKE" underline this, stating that the trail version of the 301 with its 130 mm of travel is a "superb" and "outstanding" bike.

Conclusion Peter Nilges, 
BIKE tester after riding 
the 2020 models: 

The new 301 Mk15 redefines the standards with a new geometry approach and an unprecedented adjustability for the rider and the choice of wheel size. With the Sram GX model and a price tag of no more than € 4.680,-, the bike has also become reasonably priced.

Model/ equipment: 301 Mk15 Trai, frame length -L-
Suspension travel: 130mm rear
Wheelset: Syntace C33i (carbon fiber)
Total weight: 12,9 kg
after the come together of the 
supposedly best bikes of the year, 
the "King of Trails": 

The 15th edition of the cult bike surprises with a super stiff alloy frame, superbly stiff components and a variety of great details included. The shallow geometry rocks! As to the directional stability, it easily outperforms a carving ski and yet it remains as versatile and maneuverable as it always has been…

Model/ equipment: 301 Mk15 Trail, frame length -M-
Suspension travel: 130mm rear
Wheelset: Syntace C33i (carbon fiber)
Total weight: 12,8 kg

User Award 2020: Bike of the Year - 2nd Place

"By now in the 15th generation, the classic manages again to convince with new detail sollutions."
User Award 2020: Trail / AM-Bike of the Year - 3rd Place

"Change on the podium: the Liteville 301 slides up one rank and secures third place!"

As precise as a razor blade 

With a radically new geometry, adapted chain stay lengths and the new, fine-tuned kinematics, the Liteville 301 Mk15 combines the precision of a razor blade with sovereign stability.

Adjustable wheel size

In 2014/15 we were the first to introduce the DuoLink allowing for the option to ride different wheel sizes in one bike. With the combination of DuoLink and LevelTune, the Liteville 301 Mk15 has now become even more flexible. With the possibility to have both wheels being 27.5" or 29" or the mixture of a 29" front and a 27.5" rear wheel, the frame is now more versatile and thus capable than it has ever been before. 

Lightweight and stiff due to Aluminum

Development and material interfere with each other. The construction of the 301 Mk15 in combination with a new Aluminum Alloy raises the bar yet again and with regard to its stiffness, the frame outperforms its carbon fiber competitors easily. 

A wide variety of Factory Machines

The 301 Mk15 Factory Machine is available as a trail bike with 130 mm and as an Enduro bike with 160 mm of travel. Within these categories, 4 different, attractive equipment options are available.

Size does not matter

Being agile and yet stable and offering great traction at the very same time? The choice between 27.5" and 29" has become a lot easier now. The 301 Mk15 in sizes M, L and XL is now compatible with both wheel sizes, without accepting compromises. Due to DuoLink and LevelTune, the frame can be adapted to 27.5" and 29" wheels as well as to your individual preferences.

301 Mk15
Factory Machine Trail

The 301 Mk15 is now available as a sporty, firm all-round bike with 130 mm travel. The Rockerarms have been adjusted to the needs of a trail bike leading to unlimited fun on the trail and during tours. The bike is completed with the fully integrated EIGHTPINS seatpost and high-end components by Syntace. 
The 301 Mk15 Factory Machine Trail is available with two component compilation options.

301 Mk15
Factory Machine Enduro

The 301 is a well-known, several times test winner in the Enduro segment that still offers great climbing performance. With 160 mm of rear travel, the Mk15 chassis offers plenty reserves, a fully integrated dropper post by EIGHTPINS and the legendary and super durable Syntace Parts for ultimate control and happy hormones riding downhill. 
The 301 Mk15 Factory Machine Trail is available with two component compilation options.


Syntace Aluminum wheelset, Syntace carbon fibre handlebar, 1x12 or 2x12 Shimano drivetrain for small-step gear ratios, EIGHTPINS dropper post and a variety of options for individualization.

301 Mk15 Trail/Enduro
from EUR 5.680,–

Eagle X01

High-end Syntace components, EIGHTPINS dropper post, SRAM Eagle X01 1-speed drivetrain and a variety of options for individualization.

301 Mk15 Trail/Enduro
from EUR 6.340,–


Linear Steering

Flatter steering angle compared to the 301 Mk14 and even more agile with bigger wheels. Introducing our all-new Linear Steering Geometry.

DuoLink & LevelTune

The 301 Mk15 can be ridden with both wheel sizes, not accepting compromises. Thanks to DuoLink and LevelTune, the bike can be assembled with 27.5" or 29" wheels or be adapted to your individual preferences.

Scaled Rear End

In order to guarantee for the agility of the bike for both 27.5" and 29" wheels, we have radically created space and clearance where there was none beforehand. The result: a degree of agility unheard of in the bike industry.

Scaled Sizing

It is our goal to have everybody experience the same riding pleasure with our bikes, no matter the rider's body size.


EVO6 means: taking advantage of the extra clearance of the Boost standard for an improved chain line, a balanced spoke triangle and thus a more stable rear wheel.


The 301 Mk15 frame is designed to fit the awarded, fully integrated EIGHTPINS dropper post. The Factory Machines come with the EIGHTPINS seatpost as standard.

Service Port

The big hole in the down tube simplifies working on your inner cables and may even host a Di2 battery.

NCP & cable routing

Hidden cable routing for the brake hose, the shifting cables and the EIGHTPINS cable making for clean optics and perfect function.

Rear shock linkage 

It is nice to look at, yet it is not a design gimmick. Searching for the ultimate solution, the unique rear shock linkage design is our answer.


Monitoring and adjusting the SAG without a rubber O-ring or cable tie. It is possible to do this while sitting on the bike, even while riding.

X-12 thru axle

It is the sensational weight of no more than 39g, the unsurpassed stiffness and the super easy handling mounting and demounting the rear wheel that make the system perform like no other on the market. 

Rear derailleur hanger

Perfect function as it is lighter and smarter than common rear derailleur hangers.


The Syntace RockGuard protects the rear derailleur against being bent towards the back and additionally against being torn away tangentially.

Chain guide

The chain guide you will exclusively find on a Liteville. Perfect fit and function due to full system integration. 

Material and frame stiffness

Aluminium is superior to carbon fiber. If only you do it right.

Syntace parts

Handlebar, stem, X-12 thru axle, wheelset and steering headset have been designed by Syntace. The combination of well-balanced components make the 301 Mk15 a sophisticated system bike.


Continuously winning tests for 14 years

With all Liteville bikes we design, the principle of choice is the one of steady and relentless evolution, or put differently: step-by-step improvement. We kept ourselves from design gimmicks right of the start and instead concentrated purely on function, weight and durability of our products. Our award? For 14 consecutive years, the 301 has been graded with the best marks possible and become a continuous winner of comparison tests. 

Geometry 301 Mk15 Trail

Here you may find the exact geometry data of the 301 Mk15 Trail for both 27.5" and 29" wheelsets as well as our size recommendations for your individual measurements.

Geometry 301 Mk15 Enduro

Here you may find the exact geometry data of the 301 Mk15 Enduro for both 27.5" and 29" wheelsets as well as our size recommendations for your individual measurements.


Powder coating or anodizing

You want your Liteville to be painted individually? The Aluminum frame is perfectly suitable for any after-market color.

Works Kit

Liteville Factory Machines come as a Works Kits with dozens of individual components that need to be assembled by you yourself or by your specialist bike workshop.

Liteville Riding World

Experience your Liteville at most uncommon places together with guys being just like you. Test a Liteville to its ultimate limits, work on your riding skills or discover new regions. We have put together a variety of offers in cooperation with our partners.


Way beyond the obligatory 2-years warranty, we provide you with a 10-years warranty for any material or manufacturing faults starting at the date of purchase.


Bike mountaineers, trial riders, Enduro pros, riding technique guides: the Liteville team riders cover all different types of disciplines on an impressively high performance level. Every discipline has its own requirements which for us is the perfect feedback to successfully keep on working on further evolution steps, for long time tests in the toughest real world conditions.