27,5˝ or 29˝ wheels? The 301 Mk15 is prepared for both.

No compromises 

With the new 301 Mk15 in sizes M, L and XL, it is you who decides which wheel size you fancy. As of the frame, there is no restrictions. Even an after-market switch is possible from 27.5" to 29" or vice versa. 

How is this possible?

The different wheel diameters of 27.5" and 29" require small and big adjustments of the geometry such as shorter/ longer chain stays, an adjustment of the bottom bracket offset and of the fork insert length. 

With the help of DuoLink and LevelTune, the bike can be adapted to both wheel diameters in order to profit from the individual advantages. 

27.5" Agility 
Thanks to the slightly shorter wheelbase and the smaller wheel diameter, the 301 Mk15 with 27.5" wheels convinces with its superb agility. If you like tight corners, you will adore the 301 Mk15 with 27.5" wheels. 
29˝ Speed & stability
The longer wheelbase and the bigger diameter wheels allow for more speed riding downhill and more traction riding uphill. If you prefer efficiency and safety, you will adore the 301 Mk15 with 29" wheels. 

A matter of adjustment

Depending on the rear wheel diameter, the rear frame of the 301 Mk15 can be ridden with two decisive chain stay lengths. The front position is recommended for the smaller version wheel and the rear position for the bigger version wheel.

When changing the position, the rear dropout is moved not only towards the front or back, but towards the "rear/ top" or the "front/ bottom". This way, the DuoLink rear dropout levels out the different wheel diameters. With the movement upwards or downwards, the bottom bracket height almost remains the same, regardless of the wheel size.

Geometry adjustment

With the help of the LevelTune bearing shell adapter, the difference between 27.5" and 29" front wheels and the different fork heights respectively is compensated. Riding the 301 Mk15 with 27.5" front wheels, the LevelTune is mounted to the frame. For 29" front wheels, a common bearing shell is needed. 

LevelTune can be easily screwed into the frame not reducing the well-known stiffness of a Liteville frame at all. 

Wheel size options

Standard geometry 29"

Great run over performance and stability for high speeds. 

Rear wheel: 29" / front wheel: 29”
DuoLink position: rear
Standard geometry 27.5"

Agile steering, perfect for technically challenging terrain.

Rear wheel: 27.5" / front wheel: 27.5"
DuoLink position: front
Mixed geometry 27.5" / 29"

A combination of great run over performance and agility.

Rear wheel: 27.5" / front wheel: 29"
DuoLink position: front