Gravel handlebar

Syntace ergonomics for on- and off-road riding

500 mm width on a Syntace Racelite combined with a reduced drop and reach. The wide handlebar and the reduced drop and reach guarantee for additional control even on rough terrain, on- and off-road.

The reduced handlebar offset results in a more compact overall seating position and simplifies reaching the brake levers. Due to the reduced drop, even the bottom bar end can be reached easily.

Carbon fibre handlebars can be super lightweight yet also malicious in case of a crash. In order to have the handlebar come up to Syntace standards, an all-new carbon fibre in combination with a new carbon layup have been arranged in a stress-oriented transverse section. Neuralgic areas have been reinforced additionally.

The handlebar features a 6° mid bend with a slight yet super efficient oval shape of the grip sections as well as space for a double cable routing. The result: rather than bulky grips that are derived from short-lived trends rather than actual function, the Syntace shape leads to nothing but noticeably comfortable riding with high practicality at a seriously light overall weight.

Tested and approved on the VR-3, the toughest and most realistic test machine following the test standard RC 2002.3.