Evo3 frame standard

The evolution of the bicycle wheel world

As opposed to the EVO6 standard, the actual hub width of 142 mm remains the same. The EVO3 standard is still an evolution of the 142 mm standard with the stiffness being improved significantly. 

142 mm standard in comparison with Evo3

(1) 142 mm hub
The rim is not aligned centrally with regard to the hub flanges (62% / 38%). The result is a huge difference of the spoke tensions of the drive and the non-drive side. 

(2) Evo3 (142 mm)
The whole hub is moved 3 mm to the right. Additionally on our Syntace Straight Road hub the hub flange of the non-drive side is moved towards the center of the hub, the hub flange of the drive side is moved outwards. This results in a fully symmetrical and thus more reliable and stable rear wheel. 

*All "standard 142 mm Road" wheels can be fitted for Evo3 by truing the offset to 3 mm out of center. A new spoke length is not necessary.