Gravel Laufräder

Better. Lighter. Faster.

More grip yet more riding comfort. Whether you consider yourself a road rider, a gravel or a mountain bike rider, the trend towards wider tires is unstoppable. As opposed to its competitors, Syntace relies on wide tires and on wide rims that make possible riding with even lower tire pressures for even better riding performance. 

The Syntace W25i rim made of Aluminum features a strengthened rim flange with grip securing grooves for the best tire fit possible and a 25% increased resistance to impacts. 

The Syntace Straight RS hubs come with tripple protected bearings and are built with the same spoke lengths front and rear, left and right.This has been possible thanks to the fully symmetrical Evo3 standard. The freehub body comes with integrated steel bridges to keep the cassette from working itself into the Aluminum body irreversibly.