Liteville H-3 Mk2

The H-3 Mk2 directly follows the Liteville 301 as to its geometry and material dimensions. The H-3 Mk2 features an ISCG 05 socket as well as an EIGHTPIN variable seatpost interface. Thanks to its sophisticated H-3 Yoke design, it even fits B+ tires. The clean optics are a result of the shifting cables and brake hoses being hidden inside the frame.

Liteville 101 Mk1

The Liteville 101 is based upon the legendary design and geometry of the 301 – perfectly adapted to our idea of a superfast race and trail bike. The rear boasts with an extraordinarily sensitive 120 mm suspension, the front is proven for forks from 120 mm to 150 mm.
Endurance riders, racers and bike testers prove what we had hoped for: “Superior”, the best possible ranking right out of the gate.

Liteville 301 Mk14

The 301 Mk14 is the legend among All Mountain and Enduro bikes with a range of application unprecedented in the bike industry. The further improved and costly detail innovations make the 301 Mk14 the ultimate all-rounder. 

Liteville 301 Mk13

The Liteville 301 Mk13 with Scaled Sizing geometry, patented DuoLink and the pioneering EVO6 rear frame has a unprecedented wide range of applications. We build our Liteville framesets according to the principle of continuous, relentless evolution.

Liteville 601 Mk4

Super Enduro and test winner: everything between extended tours, vertriding and enduro races, this bike knows how to convince with a class-leading chassis yet no weight restrictions. The 601 combines the low weight and pedaling efficiency of a fast touring bike with the performance of an Enduro bike and the speed of a downhill machine.

Thanks to the most energy efficient rear frame design of its class as well as the optimized climbing geometry, the 601 convinces even on uphill sections.

Liteville 901 Mk3

The 901 Mk3 as a long-travel touring bike has been further developed to become a true-bred World Cup downhill machine.

After more than two years of research and development and tough World Cup races with our Liteville TeamRiders, the bike is now available for you as a limited edition.