Playing with your bike with an improved riding technique – that’s what it’s all about! And of course about challenging our bikes with what they are built for during our events.

We have founded the Liteville Riding School with the goal in mind to make you and your bike a most effectively working unit, bike ride and TrailXperience, the two leading bike schools in the German-speaking world, are working behind the scenes making your experience a perfectly organized venture. You are in good hands!


All owners of a registered Liteville profit from the Liteville Sponsoring. They may redeem a EUR 125,- voucher on any of our events, it is your choice!

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Test & Ride Camp Torbole - test bike included

The Liteville Test Center in Torbole serves as our base camp. Apart from enjoying a seriously good coffee there, it allows for test rides of the latest 101, 301 and 601 modals. With the help of a shuttle, a boat or a cableway, we will go find the most astonishing trails of the region.

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