The FAZUA drive unit

Lightweight. Slim. Silent.

The FAZUA drive unit does only have a gear box at the bottom bracket. The motor itself is decoupled and placed within the down tube. This solution leads to a bike with a typical, classic slim silhouette. Another advantage is the fact that the battery and the motor can be removed from the bike entirely which then becomes a classic bike. With no more than 4.6 kg, the unit is not only extremely lightweight, it is also extraordinarily silent.

The drive unit

(1) Bottom bracket gear box
The power force with up to 60 Nm flows directly through the bottom bracket axle and thus directly into the chain. The BB axle features an ISIS socket; the spider is compatible with two chainrings. The gear box measures and reports the torque individually on both sides as well as the revolutions.
Weight: 1.3 kg

(2) Motor unit
The motor supports the rider up to 25 km/h and with 250 to 400 Watt. 
Weight: 1.9 kg

(3) Battery
250 W/h - for up to 50 km, 36 V. 
Weight: 1,4 kg

Four modes

No Assistant Mode (White)

Zero Watt. No support. The motor is decoupled.

Breeze Mode (Green)

Up to 125 W for tail wind riding with prolonged battery life.

River Mode (Blue)

Up to 250 W support in the River Mode.

Rocket Mode (Pink)

Up to 400 W for the full support in the Rocket Mode.

Master of metamorphosis

E-ONE with motor and battery

The E-ONE with motor and battery unit mounted. Electric support up to 25 km/h. Beyond this speed range, the motor is decoupled automatically, for riding without the gear box resistance of normal e-bikes.

E-ONE without motor and battery.

The E-ONE with the motor and battery unit demounted. The down tube is closed with a cover. The drive unit remains at the bottom bracket, yet it does not generate an increased, noticeable resistance. The overall bike is super lightweight and feels just like a normal, classic bike.