The e version of 15 years chassis and suspension development for previously unknown degree of control and riding precision. Smart, patented solutions at scabb y key spots.

The legend. With electric motor.

The 301CE Mk1 shares the most successful and popular 301 DNA and is thus designed for the toughest challenges. It will rewrite the 301 history now covering the field of e-mobility. It has been designed for unconditional off-road riding. Building upon a carbon fibre frame has made possible the perfect integration of the motor and the battery into the frame. The Aluminum rear frame generates a maximum of stiffness.  

Unconditional e-bike
The 301CE is an all-new design that has been conceived specifically for the requirements of an e-bike.This includes ideal kinematics and fulcrums that are adjusted to the electric motor and its flow of forces. Together with the super low battery, the result is unsurpassed handling with an extremely wide range of application and superb riding pleasure.

Sizes M & L – from September 2019
Starting at EUR 7.980,-

Further information to be released …



Test winner geometry of the pioneer: Linear Steering up front Scaled Rear End at the back
Best-in-class balance & riding precision: High mass concentration. Optimized wheel balance. Best torsional stiffness

Carbon fibre/ Aluminum

Super stiff special alloy aluminum rear triangle. Superlight carbon frame, FEM-optimized sandwich design.


Flying racing carpet: 160 mm finetuned progressiv travel, e-kinematics for extra rear wheel grip. Coil shock tuned (optional air shock)


The rear frame of the 301CE Mk1 is designed for both wheel sizes, either 27.5˝ or 29˝, without accepting compromises with perfect height compensation. This has been possible thanks to the Liteville DuoLink design.