Harald Philipp

Harald is Bike Hiker. Adventure tours and mountain peak challenges are his discipline. Mountain paths are bike lanes for him, mountain peak book entries are his rewards. As a professional bike rider, he never rides against others, but with them. Sport is not a competition for him, but a mean of joy. If you do not find him biking, he will most likely be out with his ski, yet only seldom you will find him down in the valley. He was born in 1983 in Siegen, NRW, yet he was South bound soon and moved to Innsbruck in Austria, where he found his center of residence. A small mountain cottage in the Italian Alps is his refuge. To find the flow is what fuels him, both on the bike and in his everyday life, while he does not take himself too serious after all.
As an author and filmmaker, he has had great success in the season past. He loves to be on stage and to bring fresh mountain air into sticky cities. Harald works, yet not at all times. He even went to University, but there have always been more striking challenges in life for him. One might call him hedonistic, which does not even bother him. Neither his legs are shaved nor his face and if he has enough time, his hair is more bleached than his skin.

Name: Philipp
Prename: Harald
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg in the summer, 70 in the winter
Discipline: Bike Hiking, Pleasure Riding
Favorite Spot: Sea Alps