More range, more trail, and most of all: more fun. With the new 301CE, you will redefine mountain biking for you. You will master key passages during the uphill already and will be surfing towards the valley with an astonishing self-assurance. The 301CE is designed for the trails, every single bolt is thought out. No matter the terrain, welcome to your new, extended comfort zone!

Trust in it. 

There is no end in sight. The 301CE is a bike with enormous capabilities. This counts both for the durability and for the performance. The limits of this bikes will not limit you, no matter the challenges ahead. 

Melt together. 

The 301CE feels like being a part of you, perfectly balanced out and equipped with a superb chassis. It is a bike that does exactly what you want it to, as if its wheels were an extended part of your body. 

You define the measurements. 

Four frame sizes, zero compromises. At Liteville, we develop every frame size individually, perfectly fitting the decisive anatomy and bio mechanics of our riders. It is evolution rather than revolution, a bike, that simply fits. 

Led into temptation. 

We have the perfect solution for all your wishes. Individualize the 301CE according to your preferences. The light package will allow for seeing trails during the day and at night. Talking new trails: the SmartGripper allows for a GPS routing via your smartphone, a smoothly integrated, modular and elegant all-in-one system for your 301CE.



Higher. Further. Steeper.

The 301CE is equipped with a serious power package. With 85 Nm of torque and a 250 Watt engine, it pushes you in places where your muscles would long have struck. This is true also for the battery. Thanks to the most modern cell technology provided by the industry leader, the exchangeable 630 Wh battery is your choice for extended tours. 

More travel. 

The fully integrated dropper seatpost by Eightpins is not only super lightweight, it also allows for as much as 220 mm of travel. Never have you been able to drop your seat this much. The best is yet to come: lowering the seat is possible with virtually no friction and thus completed within a split of second. 


The 301CE comes as a care free package that will not let you down, even in the long run. Example? The pivot bearings that connect the main frame and the rear frame are the widest and strongest on the market. The reinforced and sealed ball and needle bearings are the most durable available. As we are convinced ourselves, we provide you with a 10-years warranty. 


The first Liteville 301 Mk1 was released 15 years ago. A lot has changed since then, yet one thing has remained the same: year after year after year, our bikes win comparison tests by the international press. And it is the uncounted happy customers that remain loyal to the brand as they master the most challenging passages and enjoy the flow during a downhill. One reason for the success story is the Syntace Lab, our in-house testing laboratory. It is here where we test our products to their absolute limits so they may fulfill what is expected from Syntace and Liteville products. Talking about expectations: every single Liteville bike comes with a 10-years warranty. 


Trial World Champion & MTB pro from Tyrol

Tom Öhler

Unlimited riding pleasure and enormous range do not have to be a compromise any longer. Thanks to the 301CE, I experienced my home valley in an all new way. Trails I were able to ride downhill in the past can now be ridden uphill, actually having fun. This opens new perspectives as things that were to be taken for granted can now be approached differently. 
And yet there is no compromises during a downhill, even the most narrow switchbacks can be ridden as elegantly as with the 301 without an engine. In fast passages, the chassis is a dream. My home area has just turned into a newly found adventure playground. 
Path finder, flow rider and  show presenter of Summitride

Harald Philipp

„This bike has not only changed bike riding for me, it has changed my life! For 25 years, I enjoyed riding downhill more than uphill and all of a sudden, things have changed. The amount of trails during a tour has been doubled. On top of this, the 301CE is a toy as much as it is an everyday companion: I don't need a car any longer." 
Photographer, pro rider and coach of the riding school Bikeride

Manfred Stromberg

„Life raises a lot of questions. How to manage everything at the same time is only one of them. As a father of two kids, being a self-employed photographer and riding technique coach, there is not too much leisure time left. Time that is important to me, to get outdoors, to calm down. The 301CE is the solution for my time management. I bring my kids to Kindergarten with it, run errands on the way back and am out of the city and on the summit of a local mountain in no time at all. I'm not depending on a car. Riding pleasure included, workout included."


Frame size S
Frame size M
Frame size L
Frame size XL



The noble.


The airy.


The PROgressive.


The iron.