The Liteville 101 MK1

The Liteville 101 full suspension is a light and versatile Trail and Cross Country marathon bike featuring 120 mm travel.


Frame: Liteville 101 Mk1 frameset with 120 mm travel
Surface: Race Black anodized
Headset: Syntace SuperSpin
Damper: RockShox Monarch RT3
Chain guide: Syntace SCS II Evo6 (optional)
Seat clamp: Syntace Superlock (optional)
Rear derailleur protection: Syntace RockGuard SL (optional)
Frame lengths: S, M, L, XL
Weight:  2.400 g / Frame lengths M without rear shock

EUR 2.280,– 

Price EUR, incl. taxes
Our 101 MK1 framesets will be available at selected Liteville distributors from May 2016.



At first sight, the frame of the Liteville 101 can hardly be distinguished form a conventional mountain bike frame where the damper is placed parallel underneath the top tube. The main difference is that the damper is not mounted at the front of the frame, but at the rear where the top tube and the seat tube meet.

Designing the damping system this way is the result not of the idea to simply construct something different. It was our goal to design a four-bar linkage with a mature basis. Damping forces are to be lead into the frame as subtly as possible in order to protect both the damper and the frame.
The main advantage hereby is that the forces that come from the rear triangle of the frame are led into the main frame where it is most stable: exactly where the top tube and the seat tube meet. On top of this, the force is neutralized in parts by the forces led into the frame by the rider’s weight. Conventionally designed mountain bike frames that have the damper placed underneath the top tube face another problem. The forces by the rider and by the impacts of the rear frame work in the same direction and thereby unnecessarily stress the frame.


RockShox Chassis

The RockShox chassis with the new Monarch RT3 damper is the perfect choice for our approved frame kinematics. The 101 Mk1 frameset comes with 120 mm travel in the rear.


The Liteville 101 Mk1 already features the pioneering Syntace EVO6 rear frame. We keep following the technically superior path in the right direction.


Two different wheel sizes can be mounted in the rear without negatively altering the geometry of the bike (Design Patent pend.). The front position is for a small rear wheel, the rear for a big one.

SuperSpin tapered headset

The Liteville 101 Mk1 features the fully integrated, tapered headset SuperSpin. The bearings sit directly in the frame which saves weight as bearing shells and further adapters become obsolete.


The correct frame size influences the performance of the entire bike. Yet it is not only the frame size that is to fit the rider, but also the wheel size. That is why our frames, depending on the frame size and the body height of the rider can be built with different wheel sizes (26”, 27.5” and 29”) and are thus perfectly adapted to the rider’s individual expectations.
Depending on the frame size, these are our wheel size recommendations:
Frame size S:
Rear 26” or 27.5” / Front 27.5”
Frame size M:
Rear 27.5” or 29” / Front 29”
Frame size L:
Rear 27.5” or 29” / Front 29”
Frame size XL:
Rear 27.5” or 29” / Front 29”

Liteville Custom Color

You want your 101 to be painted individually, yet you are not sure about the exact color scheme? This is where the Liteville color configurator comes into play: based upon a Liteville 301 frameset, you may now choose between 100 RAL colors and evaluate, how your choice harmonizes with painted rims or forks. The color configurator is an Adobe Flash Application and is thus not available for Apple iPads and iPhones.

Find the colour configurator here


Find the 101 MK1 geometry data including frame length recommendations for the sizes S, M, L and XL here.


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