Playing with your bike with an improved riding technique and enjoy doing it: that’s what it’s all about!

Congratulations on gaining an entirely new riding experience on your bike that offers you almost unknown possibilities. During our new RidingTechniqueCamps, we adopt bike and rider so that you become a most effectively working unit that is up for the most amazing trails in the world. First of all, the 3-days camp is about working on the right setup for you and your bike as well as working on your riding technique. There are at least two different performance groups that are designed for your individual expectations and skills.

The camp takes place at Liteville in the Allgäu region, Germany.
During the camp in the Allgäu region, we invite you to visit the Liteville and Syntace facilities and get to know everything about our research and development centers. There are plenty of trails to discover - no matter which camp you are looking at. And of course there are specially designed riding courses with a lot of different terrains. This is where we work on an active seating position, effective breaking, mastering fast curves and switchbacks as well as small jumps and drops. It is about training for real life!

The camps of the Liteville Riding School are guided by coaches of our partner riding school TrailXperience. You are in good hands as it is these coaches that are currently developing riding technique schools in Germany.


We start at 10 a.m. on the respective meeting point.
A welcome and glimpse behind the scenes: we give you some insight into the latest developments of Liteville and Syntace and how we experience current bike trends. Tech talk? Whenever you please! First of all, however, it is about finding the right bike setup for you. You will be astonished about how much one can get out of your bike with the right tuning. It would be a shame to miss this chance!

Afternoon: First rides on selected trails of the region including riding technique workshops.


Riding technique workshops start at 10 a.m. where we cover it all: seating position, balance, the correct feeling on the breaks. We show you how an active position and active riding results in loads of fun on the bike. Riding curves, popping a wheelie or learning first bunny hops. We look at decisively those techniques that make you a better rider.

The program is adapted to the individual performance and capability of the group in order to guarantee for the best effects possible. There is no rush!
Starting at 2 p.m.: applying what we have just learned on real terrain.

…riding a lot! We keep doing exercises and work on your skills. The day takes place entirely out on the trails where different groups face different challenges in order to meet individual expectations best.
1 p.m.: official end of the camp.
On Friday and Saturday, we have dinner together at 7 p.m. either in the hotel or – depending on the weather – outdoors.


The RidingTechniqueCamp is suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced riders. During every camp, we offer at least two performance groups with two coaches. As to your physical fitness, you should be prepared for riding tours of two to four hours/ 20 – 35 km/ 700 to 1000 meters of altitude. The one group will be slightly underneath these expectations, the other above.
Level 1:
Techniques for riding easy and intermediate paths and trails:
  • improved position on the bike
  • balance – riding extra slowly and work on the feeling for your bike
  • breaking in different situations and all-out breaking
  • riding curves: where to look, how to stand in the pegs and how to break
  • climbing: seating position, shifting, starting on a hill
  • descending: basics for intermediate requirements
  • riding on easy terrain including small drops
  • riding on easy and intermediate root passages
Level 2:
Learning techniques for fluent riding on challenging paths and trails:
  • exercising the basic techniques looking at your bike position, balance and correct breaking
  • breaking with specific challenges
  • descending: position, timing and breaking in steep descends – high requirements
  • advanced curve techniques and active changing of direction
  • techniques for switchbacks
  • popping a wheelie effectively
  • mastering obstacles of all kind
  • rising your rear wheel and preparing a clean bunny hop
  • taking advantage of your terrain for small jumps
  • techniques for intermediate and more advanced root passages


  • 2 ½ days Liteville RidingTechniqueCamp including two overnight stays/ half board.
  • ½ day tech talk and bike setup: optimizing the setup of your bike with individual tuning tips.
  • 1 ½ days trail technique outdoors for beginners and advanced riders.

Dates / Locations / Prices / Booking

Package, all-inclusive: 550,- €

The works sponsoring is valid for all riders that have registered their Liteville. As you register, you are handed out a EUR 125,- voucher which you can redeem in the Liteville Riding School. 
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Base Camp Allgäu
RidingTechniqueCamp in Wiggensbach/ Allgäu, Germany
We meet right at the home of Liteville in the Allgäu region, Germany, where we have plenty of trails to discover as well as a riding technique center featuring all different types of terrains.

May 25th to 27th, 2018 >> book here at TrailXperience

June 22th to 24th, 2018 >> book here at TrailXperience