What was known as Trailriding in the past is called Enduro today.

05. bis 08. Juli 2018

The region right in between Austria, Italy and Switzerland, close to the Reschen pass, has been known by mountain bike riders for years already. In the years past, the region has become one of the most popular ones! As the single trail network has been increased and more platter lifts have been opened for bikers, a real paradise has been established. We want to share our love for the region with you!

A whole variety of platter lifts help us to climb up to flow trails that are even used for Enduro races. We lead you not only to the trails but also show you how to master them.

The “Hotel Edelweiss” is prepared perfectly for the needs of bikers.


Character of the camp
First of all, we want you to become one unit with your bike as we investigate your bike setup and your seating position. During the weekend, we are then able to further work on your chassis. In order to reach this goal, we offer you individual feedback that you can directly test on trails.
Particular passages out in the terrain can be mastered with particular care and concentration, which is to lead to more fluent riding on the trail. We take advantage of platter lifts, yet following the Enduro style, 400 – 800 meters of altitude are to be climbed by the riders themselves. A certain basic physical fitness is thus obligatory.

We start at 12:00 a.m. with bike setup. Riding technique exercises on an advanced rider level. This includes riding curves fast, techniques for switchbacks, tackling obstacles and playing with your rear wheel. We even work with video analysis techniques.

More trails, more advice, more techniques – perfectly adapted to the individual group.

More trails, more advice, more techniques.

We top it: even more trails and advice. The camp ends in the early afternoon.

If you please, we offer you an optional overnight stay from Thursday to Friday beforehand.


The Liteville SingletrailCamp Reschen is designed particularly for advanced mountain bike riders.

You should have some experience on technically challenging trails and be able physically to ride 3 – 5 hours tours with 800 – 1000 meters of altitude.

We take advantage of platter lifts, yet the descends are challenging, too.

Your Liteville (we offer rentals, too) with proper tires as well as knee and arm protectors, helmet, gloves, goggles and backpack.


  • 3 overnight stays in the ****Hotel “Hotel Edelweiss” in Nauders.
  • plotter lift ticket for three days
  • 3 days of riding technique lessons and guidance including video analyses and exercises right on the trail “on the fly”

Dates / Prices / Booking

Liteville SingletrailCamp Reschen, Italy
Package, all-inclusive: EUR 639,- (2-bedroom apt.)

EUR 45,- extra charge for single room

The course can also be booked without the hotel. Please contact us for exact rates.

The works sponsoring is valid for all riders that have registered their Liteville. As you register, you are handed out a EUR 125,- voucher which you can redeem in the Liteville Riding School. 
Register here

Date: July 5th to July 8th, 2018

We offer this camp in cooperation with our partner bikeride, who is coordinating the entire booking. Find their booking options here.
You will be informed about everything right there. If anything remains unclear, feel free to contact either them or us directly.