Liteville WerksStation

Our Liteville WerksStation partners are trained by us regularly and can perform a range of services to your Liteville. They are equipped with specialized Syntace tooling and have all service parts in stock.

In addition, all Liteville WerksStation partners are your contact should you want to have your frame - new or used - powder coated in your favourite colour.

Liteville TestStation

Here you will find current, well equipped Liteville bikes waiting to be test ridden by you.

You can ask your Liteville TestStation about requirements for a test ride and availability of sizes.

Liteville authorized dealers

Our authorised Liteville dealers stock our frames and will be competent in helping you with selecting the correct components for your new Liteville bike.

If you do not have a Liteville authorized dealer near you, you can order the frame from Liteville direct.

Postleitzahlgebiet 9

Velo Stern AG

St. Leonhardstrasse 63
9000 St. Gallen
Tel: +41 71 230 11 10

Postleitzahlgebiet 8


St. Gallerstr. 79
8716 Schmerikon
Tel: +41 55 2922100

Postleitzahlgebiet 7

Gate Sports GmbH

Sagenstrasse 32
7000 Chur
Tel: +41 81 252 00 00

Postleitzahlgebiet 6

K├╝ssnacht am Riga
6403 Chli Ebnet 1
Tel. +41 418503850


Luzernerstrasse 4
6010 Kriens
Tel: +41 41 329 10 50

Postleitzahlgebiet 5

Bike Zone

Mellingerstrasse 58
5400 Baden
Tel: +41 56 221 20 23