EIGHTPINS. Next Generation Seatpost.

Liteville mountain bikes will exclusively be delivered with the all-new Eightpins seatpost from 2017 onwards. The new seatpost is more faster, more flexible and at the same time more stable and durable than any of its predecessors.

Events, Bikes & Biker

30. Juni 2018
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14. und 15. Juli 2018

Endurodays mit Marius Neuffer
Liteville Testzentrum Torbole / Lago di Garda
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15. Juli 2018
Liteville Zugna Freeride
Liteville Testzentrum Torbole / Lago di Garda
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21. Juli 2018
Germanys Finest ST. Andreasberg

22. bis 23. September 2018
Biwak & Bike Camp 2018 mit Sylvia Leimgruber
Liteville Testzentrum Torbole / Lago di Garda
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25. bis 28. Oktober 2018
Liteville & Friends
Latsch / Italien

Material and frame stiffness

Why our frames are made from Aluminum.
Liteville has yet again impressively proven in the BIKE Magazine Enduro comparison that Aluminum is the material to beat. If only you know how to handle it.

The frame tubes
Further improved wall thicknesses for a weight reduction of 100 to 150 g despite a series of new, inbuilt features such as the Eightpins interface, the internal cable routing or the ServicePort.
Both as to the STW comparison (“stiffness to weight” ratio) and as to the comparison of absolute frame weights, Liteville frames remain unmatched.


The anodized Aluminum surface is more resistant against scratches than a carbon fiber surface, the crash resistance is not even to be mentioned.