About us

Products from bike enthusiasts for bike enthusiasts

For years we manage to mount the best bikes in their classes, from Gravel to Enduro.

Everything arose out of the need, that there was no bike that ever met our requirements - hence we had to build them by ourselves.


... which implement new and innovative ideas without compromise in manufacturing or design, backed up by one of the most sophisticated test labs in Europe - the Syntace Testlabs.

... that - despite their superior strength - are as lightweight as possible, because in each particular area we only use as much material as required.

... that offer the best possible active and neutral suspension for a fast, active, and silky smooth ride.

... that surpass the world’s toughest testing standards and only hit the market when they are finally ready to ride. Including 10 years of warranty, combined with customer care that comes from the heart. Even after the purchase.

The Liteville tube set

In order to be able to consistently implement a frame design in reality, there is no way around a "proprietary" tube set. Because a tube set available on the free market deprives the designer of the possibility to design the frame for the loads that occur.

Therefore all tubes of our Liteville aluminum frames are manufactured in a special way. Each individual tube is designed for the loads occurring and accordingly butted multiple times (eg the top tube 5 times). Thus, seat and chainstays left and right even have different wall thicknesses, which correspond to the loads caused by chain tension or braking torque. Only these measures guarantee an enormously rigid frame, which is simultaneously light and yet highly resilient.

Our Quality

Frame material

All tubes of the Liteville aluminum frames are butted multiple times and are made of 6069 aluminum alloy.

The CNC-Parts

All frame parts like bottom bracket, rocker arms or drop-outs are being manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines.


Only especially trained welders with long experience in aluminum welding work for Liteville.

Heat treatment

... it is a very important step, responsible in part for durability and stiffness of the frame. Constant checks ensure that our specifications are precisely met.

The bearings

Used in a Liteville frame are only high-quality, double-sealed stainless ball bearings. All bearings are specific to their position. The bearings can be lubricated directly at selected points.

Bearing construction

To keep the bearings in place we only use heavy-duty, fine-pitch hollow Titanium bolts. The main pivot is designed to not exert bending force onto the bolts.

The surface

Before anodizing, the surface is shot-peened with small steel balls to harden the surface. The works-finish is also very weatherproof due to the high-quality alloy. Hence, both variants almost look the same as they did the day you decided to use them, even after years of use.


... are lasered into the anodized surface. The laser burns up the color pigments to show the natural color of the aluminum

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