Departure for new trails

Let’s get started for the year of new models

We start the year 2019 with the biggest model portfolio in our history. Brand new Liteville models equipped with the latest Syntace parts are ready and waiting.

We have put all we had into the development of new models during the year past. NO ONE BUILDS A LEGEND BY STANDING STILL – the 301 Mk15 follows this very path. The same is true for the H-3 being introduced as the Mk3 respectively. Both models come with new equipment and component options and in different price categories.

As to decisively new paths, Liteville will introduce the gravel bike 4-ONE with specifically gravel-oriented parts such as gravel wheels and handlebars.

There is more to come being introduced during the year. Sneak preview: Syntace, the home of Liteville, sticks to its very mantra of building the best bikes on the market and will start doing so in the e-bike sector in 2019.

We are keeping you up-to-date here on Facebook: be part of it and stay tuned.


Find all hard facts at your local dealer starting February 2019 or online on our website at www.liteville.de