EIGHTPINS dropper seatpost

Liteville Factory Machines are equipped with the EIGHTPINS seatpost, a dropper post unheard of in the bicycle industry. The 4-ONE Factory Machine is no exception as it features an interface for the integration of an EIGHTPINS seatpost.

Less is more

The EIGHTPINS seatpost uses the actual bike frame as its outer body and could thus be reduced to no more than one single tube for the telescope function. This type of construction reduces the amount of components needed to a minimum and therefore saves weight and increases durability. The Postpin thru axle connects the seatpost with the frame right above the bottom bracket. 

Matching every body size

The individual adjustment to any given body size and riding style is possible thanks to the seatpost travel of up to 220 mm. The length of 480 mm can be shortened while the travel of the seatpost and the height can be adjusted independently from one another. 

Travel & extension

The maximum travel depends on the frame height. As the height adjustment is independent from the travel adjustment, all riders may find their preferred setup without the need to exchange the seatpost itself.

Lift proof

Different from common hydraulic constructions, the bike can be lifted or hung up even as the seatpost is lowered. The mechanical locking will not let down your bike. 

Mechanical locking

The mechanical locking combines precise adjustment possibilities, low weight and high stability. The system connects the seatpost with the cartridge quickly and securely in the desired position. The small step adjustment makes possible a locking every 6 mm within the entire travel and thus allows for the right saddle height for every imaginable riding situation.