In order to help you as fast as possible and without any unnecessary organization procedures when it comes to a repair, exchange or warranty issue, you should register your bike here.

Advantages of a registration
The warranty is expanded to 10 years. You fill find detailed information about the warranty policy here.
In order to be prepared to hit the nicest trails in the world, you will receive a one-time Euro 125,- voucher for all Liteville Riding School events as you register your bike. This discount is valid only for bikes that have been bought at a Liteville dealer and is valid only for bikes purchased after January 1st, 2015.
How do you receive a voucher?
  • You will receive a voucher code via Email after the online registration.
  • With the voucher code, you will get a Euro 125,- discount on any booking of a Liteville Riding School event. 

First come, first served.
The number of participants in the events of the Riding School is limited. In case your favorite event is booked out, the voucher will be valid for future events, too. Please find further information on bike camps and travels here.

Enjoy riding your Liteville!

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